30 Day Quarantine

Offering 30 day quarantine for only $500! We specialize in Kill Pen rescues but can also fully accommodate purchase from individuals as well. 

What Do We Offer

We are able to provide pickup, QT and delivery. Know that your new equine is ready to join your herd upon arrival.  We here at BGRR have years of experience in handling all types of equine through different journeys in their life. From the very best to the unwanted. From the big to the small. Long ears to short, each horse will be provided with QUALITY CARE no matter what!

We offer:

  • Clean stalls with fresh bedding that is cleaned daily

  • No sharing of buckets, rakes or any other equipment along with the use of gloves and foot wash with each stall to prevent cross contamination

  • Good quality grass hay at all times with alfalfa twice daily and grain as needed per individual needs

  • Vet checks with health certificate

  • Vital signs and visual assessment checked daily

  • Any medications needed per vet or any wound care

We provide the best care and take pride in what we do for all equine in our care.  Most barns may charge less but along with a smaller price comes with a lot less care towards your horse. We will do whatever we can to make sure your horse is happy and healthy! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here at BGRR.