A Little About Tammy

Tammy Wilber is the owner/operator of BG Ranch and Rescue. Her facility offers lessons and training for adults, children, and horses of all types and ages. Her love of horses combined with her love of teaching create a fun and learner friendly environment.

As private rescue, she rescues all type of live stock animals! She absolutely loves what she can do for these animals that comes to her and her facility. She loves finding them their forever home. In edition to finding that forever home should something go wrong and you can't keep the animal, she takes the animal back so she knows it has a safe home and it's familiar with its surroundings.


Tammy believes that every horse is different, and will therefore, respond better to one approach versus another. True understanding coupled with effective communication will fast track your horse to becoming the partner you've always dreamed he could be. Training based on understanding your horse, problem solving, and helping the spooky horse, among many other topics, are also available. Lessons, training, and boarding are available at BG Ranch and Rescue LLC